IPL Classes
For 2020 IPL will be offering 9 classes.

Hot Farm
510 cuin. 3x3.5 turbo 20.8 tire 9500lbs

Light Limited Pro Stock
Light Pro Stock/Limted Pro Stock Rules at 9000lbs

Single Engine Modified
530 cuin. Naturally Aspirated No Planetary 5800lbs

Altered Farm
510 cuin. 3x3.5 turbo 18.4 tire 3500 rpm 9500lbs

Farm Stock
10 mph 3000 rpm 12000lbs

Limited Pro Stock Diesel Trucks
3.0 Smooth bore turbo Dot Tires

NEW Light Limited Super Stock
National Rules 6250lbs

NEW Light Combo
LSS 2 N/A Mod Single Blown/Turbine/Allision Mod 6500lbs

NEW Heavy Combo
HSS/Pro Stock/Limited Pro Stock/Light Pro Stock/Super
Farm/ Hot Farm
Weight breaks and Hitch Breaks in Rules